Rational and irrational discourses in the age of digitalisation

(Photo: Ralph-Miklas Dobler)

The group “Emergent systems, information and society” held a meeting to discuss how populism is reinforced, and how it could be fought, by the use of social media.

In the aftermath of a meeting at the BCSSS before Easter 2017 and several contributions at a workshop at the IS4SI Summit Gothenburg 2017 in June – all of which focused on the same topic – ten members of the group gathered on September 21 in Berlin at the HTW (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft – University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics). That gathering was initiated by Rainer E. Zimmermann and Frank Fuchs-Kittowski in co-operation with the Institute for Design Science Munich, the BCSSS, and the Leibniz Society Berlin

See a short report by Zimmermann here. 

(Photo: José María Díaz Nafría)

(Photo: Ralph-Miklas Dobler)


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