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Alexander Laszlo and Charles François on the BCSSS-Stewardship of the International Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics

BCSSS President Alexander Laszlo meets Charles François. In December 2018 the President of the BCSSS, Alexander Laszlo, visited Charles François and his wife in their residence in Buenos Aires, together with the Coordinator of the Group for the Study of

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From Heritage to Present Future – Expansion of the Bertalanffy Archive

Recently the BCSSS managed to physically bring together all three partial estates of Ludwig van Bertalanffy and expanded the Archive at the BCSSS. Two parts of the archive were kept at the Department for Theoretical Biology at the University of

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Ludwig von Bertalanffys Nachlass vollständig eingetroffen

Thanks to Michel Saint-Germain another 12 boxes made their way from Gisèle Bertalanffy’s home in Lindsay, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, to Vienna, Austria. Our archivist will find among others letters, diaries of Maria von Bertalanffy, slides and 8 mm shoots made by Ludwig

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Death mask donated

At the symposium „Systems thinking: what’s it for?“, organised by the Center on the occasion of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s 110th anniversary of his birthday with international experts on 10 November 2011 in Vienna, the death mask of Ludwig von Bertalanffy

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Neue Dokumente für das Bertalanffy Archiv eingetroffen

Gisèle Bertalanffy donated another five boxes with manuscripts, lecture transcripts, photos, tapes, super 8 films, and else obtaining to the legacy of Ludwig von Bertalanffy to our center. At first sight writings appeared the existence of which we even had

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Korrespondenz von Ludwig von Bertalanffy und Joseph Henry Woodger an das Bertalanffy Archiv gespendet

Dr. Marshall W. Allen generously passed to the BCSSS the entire collection of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s letters to Joseph Henry Woodger (1894–1981) which he formerly received from Woodger in person for his respective studies. Thus the archive was supplemented by

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