Das Bertalanffy Archiv

Das Bertalanffy Archiv im BCSSS umfasst Briefe, Bücher, Journale und Miscellanea.
Downloads zu den Inhalten im Folgenden.



There are 579 letters from and to Bertalanffy to be found in the archive. They are listed in a file which can be downloaded here.

Books & Journals

In the Bertalanffy estate 211 books and journals were found, which are now hosted by the BCSSS archive. A list can be downloaded here.


Various miscellanea are also available in the BCSSS archive. A list with short descriptions of all miscellnea can be downloaded here.


The Bertalanffy Archive is also hosted at:

Department of Theoretical Biology
University of Vienna
Althanstraße 14
1090 Vienna, Austria