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GST entry in „Handbook of the Philosophy of Science“

by Wolfgang Hofkirchner and Matthias Schafranek Wolfgang Hofkirchner and Matthias Schafranek, PhD student at the Paris-Lodron University of Salzburg, finalised a manuscript on „General System Theory“. It will be part of Elsevier’s „Handbook of the Philosophy of Science“ series volume

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Wolfgang Hofkirchner speaks at Duino Castle, Italy

Wolfgang Hofkirchner was invited to participate in a workshop at Duino Castle, Italy. The title of the workshop was „Information – Theory and Practice“. It was organised by physicists Hans Grassmann and Gerhard Luhn, and philosopher Klaus Kornwachs and sponsored

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BCSSS invited lecture: The ‚happy‘ wedding of Heraclite and Cassirer

David Pouvreau (EHESS, Paris) gives a lecture on „The ‚happy‘ wedding of Heraclite and Cassirer: Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s ‚General System Theory‘ as neo-criticist Naturphilosophie“ at the University of Vienna.

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