Warum Bertalanffy ehren?

Ludwig yon Bertalanffy taught us to develop a wide angle view of the world, to use the systemic macroscope as well as the microscope. The solution to the major problems humankind is facing today require this broader Weltbild promoted by LvB; it should become a permanent platform for all scientists.

I very much appreciate your efforts to honor Ludwig von Bertalanffy. I think this is a most worthwhile and appropriate undertaking.

Humanity has learnt many wonderful things over the past few centuries, (although) new and serious difficulties have accrued that are part of the same wonderful process of learning. These include… a weakening of ethics, poor social solidarity; increasing social neurosis; miserable conditions for billions of people affected by new diseases. …humanity may need a different form of learning, …co-operation and the influence of collectives on individuals and vice versa. They require forms of thinking and acting that emphasise ecological, ethological and ethical considerations, and that concentrate on supporting and advancing the harmonious evolvement of biodiversity. It seems proper to develop such forms of thinking, being supported by the work of one of the first and still foremost thinkers in this area, that is Ludwig von Bertalanffy.

Ludwig von Bertalanffy had a strong influence in creating a concern for the systemicity of the world we live in. This concern has led to recognising, in the social sphere, the relevance of emergence as concept. In my view this is a major contribution of the last century to posterity.

We are certainly convinced that Bertalanffy’s ideas and proposals are still more important in year 2000 than in 1972. Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s work was visionary. He understood that the ongoing fragmentation of knowledge and resulting incompatibilities in social action of every kind, would bring big global problems. He offered a way to reconstruct a coherent Weltanschauung leading to a general re-harmonization of individual and collective human action. His work will maintain its fundamental meaning in the 21st. century.

Transdisciplinary Bertalanffian thinking is urgently needed – reaching beyond the limits of science into all domains of practical activities.

The 100th anniversary celebration honoring Ludwig von Bertalanffy is an excellent idea. His influence was enormous in historical perspective, and not sufficiently recognized at present.

In 2001, we will celebrate the 100th birthday of Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Thanks also to him for creating a new science we are just learning.

Ludwig von Bertalanffy introduced a new way of thinking which has profoundly changed the life of our generation and of the coming ones. Thinking of wholes instead of parts only made its major, possibly indirect, contribution in the fact that the enormous stocks of nuclear weapons have never been used, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Matjaz MULEJ

I agree that von Bertalanffy should be honored with a significant scholarly meeting.

Ludwig von Bertalanffy warns us about difficulties to be met by Western civilization; foreseen more or less by Spengler and Toynbee. The demons of exponential growth, globalization or uniformization, may be exorcised by a better approach of systems thinking.

Nowadays, it has become necessary to create again Systems Thinking after realizing that it may make human sense if and only if it is supported by the „new image of man“, that Bertalanffy started to develop. It embodies individual responsibility and individual worth.