Ludwigshafen 2013 | Metaphysik der Emergenz

The BCSSS was co-organiser of a conference on the philosophical foundation of emergence between the fields of science and arts. The Ernst-Bloch-Zentrum in Ludwigshafen, Germany, was the host, and the meeting lasted from 6 to 8 June 2013.

The event was arranged in memory of Jan Robert Bloch (the son of philosopher Ernst Bloch) who 25 years ago founded the Klymene working group in Germany. This group was devoted to the philosophical reflection of theories of self-organisation after Ilya Prigogine and René Thom.

Several members of the Bertalanffy Center contributed to the success of the meeting.

The opening lecture was held by BCSSS Scientific Council Member Rainer E. Zimmermann who introduced the outline of a new project on emergence.

Manfred Füllsack, the editor-in-chief of the BCSSS’s new journal “systems. connecting matter, life, culture and technology”, reasoned emergence inthe view of the observer.

Robert Jahn, BCSSS member, raised questions about different conceptions of the emergence of moral consciousness and showed the implications for information ethics.

BCSSS Fellow Manfred Drack, who worked together with the Austrian biologist Rupert Riedl, talked about Riedl’s conception of levels and the role of emergence in this approach.

José María Díaz Nafría, researcher at the University of León and visiting professor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, another Fellow of the BCSSS, analysed how different models of explanation in physics, biology and social sciences deal with the problem of emergence.

The talks were given in German.

Here the programme of the whole conference.