Change the Game Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab in co-operation with TheLivingCore and many of our partner connects our international network of acknowledged scientists, researchers, and experts with practitioners, entrepreneurs, political decision makers, their projects, businesses, civil services, and communities. Fundamental research is the well, transformative design and efficient management are the leverage to enable the co-creation of impactful socio-technical and socio-ecological innovations.

The Change the Game Innovation Lab @ BCSSS succeeds the Change the Game Initiative, which was founded in 2007 as a global initiative and open innovation network & hub to discover the interdependence between ethics and innovation and its impact on the social, ecological and economic sustainability of business models, organizations and societies at large. The Initiative connected over the last years dedicated entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, managers, civil servants, researchers, journalists, consultants, free agents, and artists from 19 countries, who shared, created and innovated theories, methods and pratice in management and leadership towards new paradigms in economic logic and value creation, sustainable organizational designs & strategies, and products & services.

At the Change the Game Innovation Lab we continue this success story in dealing with a very serious consciousness, but also with a very playful mind, yet, with very serious topics. The Innovation Lab enables and empowers Changemakers and their organizations, provides scientific knowledge, and supports the co-creation of impactful and radical innovations.

Enter a new paradigm! Change the Game is based on the idea of paradigms as sets of rules for problem solving. By changing the rules we create innovative problem solving strategies. Be a part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem. We invite you to mess with us with the rules, be one of those innovators who lead to significant change!

For further questions and suggestions please contact the Change the Game Innovation Lab Leaders and

Thomas Fundneider, theLivingCore

Thomas Fundneider is founder and Managing Director of theLivingCore and specializes in strategy, innovation and transformation. Trained as a landscape architect and holder of an MBA (general management), he focuses on the crucial details that often make the difference for the whole. Thomas Fundneider can draw on a wealth of experience as manager of a number of major projects. His introduction of innovative, entrepreneurial working and thinking to organizations has made a lasting impact on his clients. He is a board member of PDMA (product development and management association) Austria and lectures at several European Universities on the topics of innovation, enabling spaces, creativity and strategy.
Previously, Thomas Fundneider worked in (IT-)startups, in a town planning bureau, and in an architectural firm in South Africa. He lived 1,5 years in Johannesburg researching and writing his master thesis on the topics of town planning, innovation and sustainable development (Agenda 21 principles). He invented the innovation technology “leap”, as well as the methodology of the “Enabling Spaces Design Process”, together with Markus Peschl.


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Stefan Blachfellner is the Managing Director of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS) in Vienna and the Conference Manager for the European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (emcsr/avantgarde), a former Vice President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS), and former Vice President of the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR). He co-founded the journal Systema: Connecting Matter, Life, Culture, and Technology.

He has broad experience as an entrepreneur and business consultant, and has taught entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity and innovation management, future studies, and various systems theories at several universities and in professional management training programs in Austria, Germany, China and the USA.

He founded the Change the Game Initiative in 2007 and has contributed to and facilitated many innovation processes leading to successful startups and ventures as well as social innovations and the prosperity of communities.