Grants and Prizes

The Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science actively supports young researchers and is pleased to be able to honour excellent reknown scientists that are working interdisciplinary in the field of Systems Sciences.

The BCSSS awards three prizes and one grant:

The Ludwig von Bertalanffy Young Scientist Award is donated to researchers in recognition of the most promising contribution from Philosophy, Science, Engineering, Economy, Design and Art demonstrating the Bertalanffy principle of Unity through Diversity. The BCSSS is searching for concepts and applications with the potential to co-create a flourishing planet, meaningful technologies and a futurable humanity.

The Ludwig von Bertalanffy Award in Complexity Thinking awards a prize to honour outstanding contributions to Complexity Thinking. The research focuses can take place in a variety of scientific fields, from Systems Science through Cybernetics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence to Philosophy and many more.

The Günther-Ossimitz-Memorial-Award (GO Award) recognizes the most promising contribution from Science and Research in data-based Systems Modeling as well as other quantitative, qualitative and explorative modeling and analytical methodologies which enable us to formalize Systems approaches.

The Ludwig von Bertalanffy PhD Scholarship is a 3 year scholarship for the support of work in Systems Science leading to a PhD-degree at an Austrian university. The PhD project may pertain to any academic field, ranging from Philosophy and the Formal Sciences to the Natural Sciences as well as the Social and Human Sciences and the Engineering Sciences. Following a promising application the final decision will be made by the Scholarship Committee based on the quality and content, the supervisor’s review, the external reviews and an interview. The BCSSS will provide  an inspiring work environment available to the student and help the junior scientist focus on the project.

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