Ludwig von Bertalanffy Young Scientist Award Winners

2018: Daniel Dick

We are glad about the winner of the Ludwig von Bertalanffy Young Scientist Award, Daniel Dick, and his contribution about “Overcoming Misunderstandings between Cultural and Scientific Systems of Knowledge”. Daniel Dick is a graduate student (MA) at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna and co-founder of the Vienna Academy of Consciousness Studies. His research focuses on Religion, Philosophy of Science Ideology, Ritual Studies, Cultural Evolution, Cultural Ecology and Consciousness Studies.

Daniel Dick

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Read his award winning paper!

2014: Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen

In 2014 the award winner was Katri-Liisa Pulkkinen, researcher‬ and ‪entrepreneur‬ in ‪design‬ & ‪architecture‬ at the Department of Built Environment, School of ‪Engineering‬, ‪‎Aalto‬ University, Finland. Pulkkinen´s contribution presented a counterfoil to “top-down” performance management, showing how systems can be transformed via grass-roots activism.

Read her award winning paper:

“A bottom-up way of building a system and changing perceptions – urban pioneers as a model for transformation for sustainability!”

2012: Jessica Dylan Foley

The prize 2012 was awarded to Jessica Dylan Foley from Trinity College in Ireland in the framework of the PhD Colloquium at the European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research. She received € 1.000,00. The Bertalanffy Center had invited the International Academy of Systems and Cybernetic Sciences and the Giordano Bruno Globalshift University to delegate to the Award Committee.


Read her award winning paper:

“Futurian Poetry, Systems-Theory and Transdisciplinarity: A Case for Contiguous Analysis and possibilities for Literal-Metaphor within a Telecommunications Research Centre.”