Organizing the Homosphere as a System

During the last few millennia, human beings have created here and there, although gradually and rather disorderly, many things and processes that they have managed, though not always intelligently to insert in terrestrial environments where they have been able to organize their respective lifes and survival. They have built, through the transformation or manipulation of natural elements, many diverse systems that have become, through the interrelations generated among the same humans, a human world or homosphere.

Humankind has been facing increasingly, and very fast during the 20th century, many difficulties caused by their incongruous performance toward the features of the biosphere which has allowed and still is allowing the presence of humans in time and space. Such a situation is quite serious, but it is enormously aggravated by the inconsistent interrelations that have been established among people by the decision making that prevails, which has been evolving without realizing how dangerous it is for the survival of the human species that most people are less and less aware of their terrestrial, biological and social commitments.

When calling for a universal declaration of interdependence Bertalanffy advocated a new global morality, “an ethos which does not center on individual good and individual value alone, but on the adaptation of mankind as a global system, to its new environment.” The need for this new morality, he said, was imperative: “We are dealing with emergent realities; no longer with isolated groups of men, but with a systematically interdependent global community. It is this level of [reality] which we must keep before our eyes if we are able to inspire large-scale action designed to assure our collective and hence our individual survival”.

Bertalanffy advocated a new patriotism saying that we dare to broaden our loyalty from nation to globe. He urged that we become patriots of the planet, endeavoring to think and act primarily as members of humanity. “Possibly the model of the world as a great organization can help to reinforce the sense of reverence for the living which we have almost lost in the last sanguinary decades of human history”. Besides he urged we begin pledging our allegiance to humanity and to the earth on which we stand, one planet indivisible or no planet at all.

The homosphere, the world created by humans and inserted into terrestrial environments, is greater than the sum of communities and nations or the sum of peoples.

Without necessarily diluting our own individual and cultural identity, we must begin protecting the individual and cultural identity of others.

Very often scientific achievements and technological innovations are conceived and inserted in every society as if they were modern, post-industrial, ultra-modern, … ‘achievements’ of rational human endeavors, without being recognized that they are determined by selfish utilitarian aims, that pretend to make possible the manifestation of lucrative business, money-making financial adventures & profitable monetary speculations, for creating more splendid entertainments and distractions that enjoy unilaterally around one of ten human beings.

This problem is aggravating very quickly because the survival rights of many members of all the other species are not sufficiently recognized, neither it is realized that the terrestrial circumstances, which until today are still making possible the presence of humans in the time and in the space, may become the source of catastrophic events for poor and wealthy people, for poor countries and presumably well developed countries.