Configuring Patterns and Pattern Languages for Systemic Inquiry and Design – New Article by Helene Finidori

Helene Finidori is a BCSSS Member and the Leader of the Systems Science and Pattern Literacy BCSSS Research Group. She also pursues a PhD at the University of Hull’s Centre for Systems Studies, is an affiliate researcher of the Evolution, Complexity and COgnition group(ECCO), and a Research Fellow of The Schumacher Institute.

She recently published a new article on Configuring Patterns and Pattern Languages for Systemic Inquiry and Design.

The paper builds on work relating to pattern languages for social change and is based on two further articles of Helene from 2015 (Fourth generation pattern languages – patterns as epistemic threads for systemic orientation) and from 2017 (Pattern Literacy in support of Systems Literacy). In this recent publication Helene explores how a systemic approach to pattern language could support systemic inquiry and systemic design, and more generally the advancement of pattern language.
Helene aims to bring pattern thinking and systems thinking closer to each other, in order to further introduce pattern thinking and pattern language in the design, assessment and orientation of socio-technological and socio-environmental systems and, thus, to better address the societal issues of our time. Helene’s broader aim is to enhance the innate patterning capability of human beings. Therefore, an overall pattern literacy in support of systems literacy is Helene’s focus.

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