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This page shows selected publications of BCSSS board members, scientific council members, fellows and coworkers.

Davidson M. 2005: QuerDenken! Leben und Werk Ludwig von BertalanffysWien: Peter Lang. German version of: Davidson M. 1983: Uncommon Sense – The Life and Thought of Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Ed by Hofkirchner W. With this book Mark Davidson, writer, journalist and former professor for communication science at the California State University in Dominguez Hills, has set a monument for Bertalanffy and written an easy readable introduction to System Sciences. He describes a school of thought that is particularly suitable to meet the challenges of the global information age.

Hofkirchner W. 2005: Ludwig von Bertalanffy. Forerunner of Evolutionary Systems Theory. In: Gu J, Chroust G (eds.) The New Role of Systems Sciences For a Knowledge-based Society. Proceedings of the First World Congress of the International Federation for Systems Research, Kobe, Japan, CD-ROM (ISBN 4-903092-02-X). (pdf-download)

Ossimitz G, Lapp C. 2006: Das Metanoia-Prinzip: Eine Einführung in systemisches Denken und Handeln. Hildesheim: Franzbecker. Pouvreau D. 2006: Une biographie non officielle de Ludwig von Bertalanffy (1901-1972). BCSSS, Wien. (pdf-download)

Pouvreau D, Drack M. 2007: On the history of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “General Systemology”, and on its relationship to Cybernetics – Part I: Elements on the origins and genesis of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “General Systemology”. International Journal of General Systems 36: 281-337.

Drack M, Apfalter W, Pouvreau D. 2007: On the Making of a System Theory of Life: Paul A Weiss and Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s Conceptual Connection. The Quarterly Review of Biology 82: 349-373.

Drack M, Apfalter W. 2007: Is Paul A. Weiss’ and Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s system thinking still valid today? System Research and Behavioral Science 24: 537-546.

Chroust G, Drack M, Müller K. 2008: Vienna – The Systems Archive – Dream or More? Pages 595–599 in Cybernetics and Systems 2008 – Proceedings of the 19th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research EMCSR, edited by Trappl R. Vienna: Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies.

Hofkirchner W. 2009: “Community” – Where to from Here? From “networked individualism” towards “community networks”. Journal of Sociocybernetics 7:62-72.

Zehetmayer B. 2010: … aber vom Menschen wissen wir nichts. Zur systemischen Anthropologie Ludwig von Bertalanffys. Pages 197-212 in Transformationen der kritischen Anthropologie, edited by Zehetner C, Rauchenschwandtner H, Zehetmayer B. Vienna: Löcker. Schliefnig M. 2010: Ein computationales Modell für die Allgemeine Systemtheorie (Computational General System Theory). PhD thesis, Vienna University of Technology.

Morin E. 2010: Die Methode: Die Natur der Natur. Vienna: Turia + Kant. German translation of Edgar Morin’s first volume of “La Méthode”. Translator: RE Zimmermann. Ed: W Hofkirchner.

Chroust G, Schoitsch E. 2010: Systemic aspects of choosing basic architectural patterns in systems design. Pages 18-24 in Proceedings of 2010 General Assembly of International Academy of Systems and Cybernetic Sciences, edited by Gu J, Xu J. IFSR and IASCYS.

Hofkirchner W. 2010: Teaching transdisciplinarity: the case of ICTs and society. Pages 26-29 in Proceedings of 2010 General Assembly of International Academy of Systems and Cybernetic Sciences, edited by Gu J, Xu J. IFSR and IASCYS.

Zehetmayer B. 2010: Eine österreichische Version der Biopolitik: Wo der Anspruch alles erklären zu können wissenschaftliches Vorankommen erschwert. Pages 431-446 in:Verdrängter Humanismus, verzögerte Aufklärung. Auf der Suche nach authentischem Philosophieren. Philosophie in Österreich 1951–2000 Band VI, edited by Knoll R, Benedikt M, et al. Vienna: Facultas.

Hofkirchner W, Schafranek M. 2011: General System Theory. Pages 177-194 in Philosophy of Complex Systems, Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, Vol. 10, edited by Hooker C, Gabbay D M, Thagard P, Woods JAmsterdam etc.North Holland. Personal copy available on request.

Vesterby V. 2012: From Bertalanffy to discipline-independent-transdisciplinarity. Paper, ISSS Conference 2012, San José, California.

Morin E. 2012: Der Weg. Für die Zukunft der MenschheitHamburg: Reinhold Krämer Verlag.

Kornwachs K. 2012: Strukturen technologischen Wissens. Analytische Studien zu einer Wissenschaftstheorie der TechnikBerlin: edition sigma.

Hofkirchner W. 2012: Sustainability and Self-Organisation: Sustainability in the Perspective of Complexity and Systems Science and Ethical Considerations. Pages 191-217 in Information Ethics – The Future of Humanities, edited by Nishigaki T and Takenouchi T. Nagoya City, Japan: V2 Solution.

Bunge M. 2012: Evaluating Philosophies. Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, vol. 295. Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York: Springer.

Hofkirchner W. 2013: Emergent Information. A Unified Theory of Information FrameworkSingapore etc.: World Scientific. This monograph develops a modern system theoretical account based upon Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s General System Theory and applies it to sciences of information.

Pouvreau D. 2013: Une histoire de la « systémologie générale » de Ludwig von Bertalanffy – Généalogie, genèse, actualisation et postérité d’un projet herméneutiqueDissertation, EHESS, Paris.


Hofkirchner W. 2013: Self-Organisation as the Mechanism of Development and Evolution in Social Systems. Pages 125-143 in Social Morphogenesis, edited by Archer, M. S. Dordrecht, Springer


Pouvreau D. 2013: The project of “general systemology” instigated by Ludwig von Bertalanffy: Genealogy, genesis, reception and advancement. Kybernetes 42/6, Pages 851-868


Pouvreau D. 2014: The Hermeneutical System of General Systemology: Bertalanffian and Other Early Contributions to Its Foundations and Development. Pages 84-136 in Traditions of Systems Theory, Major Figures and Contemporary Developments, edited by Arnold, D. S. New York, Routledge


Pouvreau D. 2014: On the history of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “general systemology”, and on its relationship to cybernetics – Part II: Contexts and developments of the systemological hermeneutics instigated by von BertalanffyInternational Journal of General Systems 43/2: 172-275. The first part was co-authored by Manfred Drack and published in 2007.

Logan R. K. 2014: What is Information? Propagating Organization in the Biosphere, Symbolosphere, Technosphere and Econosphere. DEMO Publishing

Wallot, C., Gurr, J. M., Schmidt, J. A. 2014: Understanding Complex Urban Systems: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Meodeling. Understanding Complex Systems edited by Scott Kelso. Springer International Publishing Switzerland

Wallot, C. 2016: Emergent Nested Systems. A Theory of Understanding Comlex Systems as well as Case Studies in Urban Systems. Understanding Complex Systems edited by Scott Kelso. Springer International Publishing Switzerland

Wallot, C., Gebetsroither-Geringer, E., Atun, F., Werner, L.C. 2016: Understanding Comlex Urban Systems. Integrating Multidisciplinary Data in Urban Models. Understanding Complex Systems edited by Scott Kelso. Springer International Publishing Switzerland

Zimmermann, R. E. 2015: Metaphysics of Emergence. Part 1: On the Foundations of Systems. MoMo Berlin Philosophische Kontexte Bd. 6. xenemoi Verlag Berlin

Díaz Nafría, J. M., Pérez-Montoro Gutiérrez M., Salto Alemany, F. (Coordinators) 2016: glossariumBITri Ed.2 2016. Interdisciplinary Elucidation of Concepts, Metaphors, Theories and Problems Concerning INFORMATION. Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena, Ecuador

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