„WORLD GOVERNANCE AND GOVERNMENT OF SANCHO PANZA: The point of view of Systems Theory“ is the topic of the 2nd International Systemic Congress on the Values of Quijote, which will take place in Villanueva de los Infantes, Ciudad Real, Spain, from June 28th until July 2nd 2019.

This congress is based on uniting literature and science, beauty and truth, enhancing one another and integrating the „value system“ that underlies the Quixote, with such a multidisciplinary and powerful methodology as the General Theory of Systems and Cybernetics.

Abstracts (200 – 300 words) and Extendet Abstracts (600 – 800 words) can be send to cilmeqquijote@gmail.com with copy to parraluna3495@yahoo.es before March 31, 2019 on the following two topics that will be interestingly complementary in the congress:

  1. Perspectives and developments of Systems Theory and Cybernetics at the present time, and
  2. Government problems for the application of the „Values ​​System“ advocated in Don Quixote.

Applying this integrative principle and within the context of the serious problems that affect the world in these first decades of the 21st century, this congress will devote itself to point out ideas, models and tools for a hypothetical but necessary world government, while analyzing the dimensions that Cervantes puts in the mouth of Don Quixote (his advice to Sancho Panza).

Please download the full call for papers CONGRESO VI-19 ingles.