Angelika SchandaPromoting cooperation between all sectors and disciplines & enhancing systems science and its practical application – this is the passion of our newest team member, Angelika Schanda. With this focus, she will support the BCSSS‘ role as an ambassador for system science. She takes over the baton from Marina Naomi Noack, who supported the foundations for our programme management and coordinated social media and communications.


Angelika specialises in systemic social impact and effective cooperation with practical experience in the nonprofit sector for over 15 years. This convinced her that no approach or actor can bring upon lasting change on their own. Therefore, Angelika’s key interests are on the one hand to analyse problems from a systems perspective and on the other, to build systemic partnerships between diverse actors in a system.

As part of this work, she connected hundreds of organisations and businesses by co-organising conferences such as the austrian Social Business Day 2012 and Social Impact Camp Austria 2018. As a certified facilitator and trainer, she led many collaborative processes and designed systems thinking workshops. Since 2014, her blog acts as a platform to young researchers, practitioners and students in the fields of systems science and computer modelling. In addition to this, Angelika has a passion for communicating science with art, design and participative formats. In 2015, when working with isee systems in New England, a software developer in the field of system dynamics, she hosted several pioneering, participatory model building webinars with people from all over the world. In 2017, she co-founded the collective Art of Cooperation, a group of changemakers who research, develop and implement methods for successful cooperation.

Angelika’s academic background has been interdisciplinary and international from a young age. She completed her high school diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit and Social Management, building a profound knowledge of the social sector as well as of business and entrepreneurship, with practical experience in countries such as Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Senegal and the United States. Through internships and volunteering, she gained an understanding of diverse fields such as social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, social care, activism and grassroots organising, international aid and networks such as the Impact Hub. Her European Master’s degree in System Dynamics enabled her to better bridge divides between different stakeholders, and to professionalize her skills in facilitation of group decision making and model building processes.

Angelika is excited to continue her work at the BCSSS to promote systems research, cooperation between researchers, public awareness of systems as well as pattern literacy of decision makers.

Please feel free to reach out to her to connect regarding any of these matters.

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