On 27. and 28.10.2011 the kick-off meeting of the research project Systems in Biology – How can early theoretical approaches contribute to current versions of Systems Biology? was held at the Department of Theoretical Biology / University of Vienna.

The aim of the research project — which is performed in co-operation with the BCSSS — is to compare earlier and modern system approaches in biology in order to establish a basis for integration. In the kick-off meeting the components for such an integration were explored. Accordingly, the major issues and ideas of earlier and recent accounts were discussed in detail. For comparison of the different system approaches, the primary goal was to set up lists of aims, motivations, domains, problems, open questions, concepts, methods, and assumptions.

Participants: Tobias Breidenmoser (University of Rostock), Manfred Drack (University of Vienna), Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Vienna University of Technology), Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr (Stellenbosch University), Gerd Müller (University of Vienna), Carlos Sonnenschein (Tufts University), Ana Soto (Tufts University), Anders Strand (University of Oslo), Olaf Wolkenhauer (University of Rostock).