We proudly present the current contribution “Systemic ‘biodiversity’ governing” by our BCSSS Board Member Ray Ison together with Ed Straw and the Applied Systems Thinking in Practice (ASTiP) Group, STEM Faculty, The Open University, UK in the new publication “Seeds of Change – inspiring a new research agenda for life on Earth” by the Luc Hoffmann Institute. The Luc Hoffmann Institute follows the principles of Systems Thinking, convening and co-creation to incubate and accelerate new ideas and approaches that will deliver significant gains for biodiversity. “Seeds of Change” is a compilation of expert reviews and essays generated by the Biodiversity Revisited initiative, led by the Luc Hoffmann Institute in collaboration with WWF, Future Earth, ETH Zürich Department of Environmental Systems Science, University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute, and the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research at University College London. The essays offer diverse, innovative insights and perspectives on biodiversity conservation from around the world from the political, legal, economic and ecological to the moral, social, aesthetic and cultural.

Ray Ison and the group of authors around” Seeds of Change”are looking at how their publication can become part of post-graduate curricula and training, and how the process of generating this compilation can be replicated by other organisations’ curricula. It is also informing the development of the Biodiversity Revisited Research and Action agenda which is currently being written and will be published later in 2020. We would like to invite you to follow this inspiring and promising movement on Twitter (#biodiversityrevisited) and LinkedIn.

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Together with Ed Straw Ray Ison published his new book “The Hidden Power of SystemsThinking: Governance in a Climate Emergency. The Community of Practice at The Systems School”. In May 2020 Ray Ison and Ed Straw were invited by the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) to write a blog article on “Systemic Governing – Applied systems thinking in practice”. They talk about their new book and start with the following words: Systems thinking in times of complex challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown what governments can do when faced with an existential threat.



Please find the full blog article here.

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INTERVIEW with Ray Ison by Dr. Seanna Davidson, Director of the Systems School, Australia.



“Jumping Off the treadmill: transforming NRM to systemic governing with systemic co-inquiry” is an article Ray Ison co-authored in January 2020. The paper focuses on innovation in governance by considering how systemic, relational policy and practice development could be operationalized as part of a shift towards systemic/adaptive co-governance. The domain for this consideration is Australian natural resource management (NRM), where it is understood as “the integrated management of the natural resources that make up Australia’s natural landscapes, such as land, water, soil, plants and animals”.

You can find an abstract via rsa.tandfonline.com


In April 2020 Systems Innovation presented an Online Live Discussion on “Systems Thinking & Sustainability”. Guest speakers were Rika Preiser, Ray Ison and Louis Klein.


Another online contribution by our honourable Board member Ray Ison please find on Spotify, a New Agreements Podcast Interview by David Erasmus on “What is Systems Thinking?”.