DBL Interactive – A new on-line tool for Bringing Bayesian Networks to the world,

Carl Smith

(School of Integrative Systems, The University of Queensland, AUSTRALIA; President Elect of the Australian Bayesian Network Modelling Society)

DBL Interactive – A new on-line tool for Bringing Bayesian Networks to the world

Bayesian networks are a form of artificial intelligence, and over the past decade, their popularity has increased across a number of disciplinesrnincluded computer science, engineering, medicine, business and finance, forensics, robotics and natural resource management. Theyrncan be used to integrate qualitative and quantitative information; to integrate expert knowledge, empirical data and outputs from otherrnmodels in decision making; to explicitly accommodate uncertainty in decision making; and to conduct rapid scenario and sensitivityrnanalysis. Bayesian networks are also a low cost means of developing decision support tools and they can be developed and used over therninternet, thus supporting eResearch and collaborative learning.

This presentation will provide an introduction to Bayesian networks and demonstrate DBL Interactive that is specifically designed to support the collaborative development of decision support tools using Bayesian nnetworks. Examples will cover its application to natural resource management. DBL Interactive, however, might be used in any area and even by people with no modeling background.

Thursday, 11. November, 18.00

Zemanek-Hörsaal, TU-Wien, Favoritenstraße 9-11, 1040 Wien

Slides of the presentation

Slides of main components of DBL Interactive