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General System Theory and cybernetics – convergences and divergences

The third and last part of an article series on the status of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s General System Theory (GST) in the history of systems sciences, written by Manfred Drack and David Pouvreau, both Fellows of the Bertalanffy Center, was published

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Dissertation about Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “General Systemology”

David Pouvreau, author of “The Dialectical Tragedy of the Concept of Wholeness”, volume 1 of our book series “Exploring Unity Through Diversity”, finished his dissertation with the title: “A history of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s ‘general systemology’ – Genealogy, genesis, actualization

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BCSSS book series started

Volume 1 now available The BCSSS book series was launched with volume one: The biography “The Dialectical Tragedy of the Concept of Wholeness: Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s Biography Revisited” written by David Pouvreau is now available in print and electronically at

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“General Systemology”

David Pouvreau and Manfred Drack wrote an article with the title: On the history of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “General Systemology”, and on its relationship to cybernetics. Part I: elements on the origins and genesis of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s “General Systemology”

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Bertalanffy biography

On 31December 2006 the BCSSS published the ultimate biography of Ludwig von Bertalanffy in French, written by David Pouvreau. Currently the text is translated into English.

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BCSSS invited lecture: The ‘happy’ wedding of Heraclite and Cassirer

David Pouvreau (EHESS, Paris) gives a lecture on “The ‘happy’ wedding of Heraclite and Cassirer: Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s ‘General System Theory’ as neo-criticist Naturphilosophie” at the University of Vienna.

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