The board of the BCSSS unanimously appointed Ervin László and Edgar Morin members of the Scientific Council of the BCSSS. They are the first ones appointed to the council.

Ervin László published in 1972 “The Relevance of General Systems Theory” for Ludwig von Bertalanffy on his 70th birthday, “The Systems View of the World” and “Introduction to Systems Philosophy”. He is Past-President of the ISSS (the follow-up organisation of the one that Bertalanffy had founded). He founded the Club of Budapest (see biography)

Edgar Morin is famous for thinking in complexity. His 6 volumes oevre “La Méthode” will be translated into German by Rainer E. Zimmermann (edited by Wolfgang Hofkirchner). Morin was director of the CNRS. (see biography)

Both apply systems thinking to the global challenges of our time.