The Board of the BCSSS has nominated another four distinguished researchers as members of the Scientific Council. In alphabetic order these academics are:

  • Prof. emeritus Mario Augusto Bunge from McGill University in Montreal, Canada; he was born in Argentine and recently held a remarkable speech at the 4th Regional Congress of the Latin American Association of Systemics (ALAS) in Buenos Aires; he is a philosopher of science and system theorist dealing with a broad range of topics in a broad range of domains; he is a famous proponent of the systemic emergent materialism which need not only be applied to the mind-body problem; he is known as a severe critic of both reductionism and holism
  • Prof. emeritus Klaus Kornwachs; he is a philosopher of technology who had been working at the Brandenburg University of Cottbus, Germany; educated in physics, mathematics and philosophy, he taught cybernetics beginning in 1974, did research in open systems and information and founded in 1988 the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemforschung e.V.; currently he is teaching at Ulm University
  • Prof. Gerald Midgley; after spending some time as Science Leader for the Systems Thinking, Action Research and Social Science group at the Christchurch Science Center in New Zealand, he is back to UK and serves as Director of the Centre for Systems Studies at the Business School of the University of Hull; besides other publications he authors, he is editor of a four volume anthology of “Systems Thinking” with Sage
  • Prof. Rainer E. Zimmermann; educated as physicist and philosopher, he taught many years philosophy at the University of Kassel and is still teaching philosophy at the Munich University of Applied Sciences; he is Life Member of Clare Hall at Cambridge; he is famous for representing onto-epistemology, has been working on self-organisation and evolutionary systems; since 2006 he has been concerned with the systems thinking of Edgar Morin

Bunge, Kornwachs, Midgley and Zimmermann consort with László and Morin who have been the first members elected by the Board. The Scientific Council gives the Bord advice in matters of activities of the Center.