ISSS 2018
Innovation and Optimization in Nature and Design

62nd Annual Conference and Meeting
of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

22nd to 27th July 2018
Corvallis, Oregon, USA

The ISSS 2018 will explore foundational discoveries about the nature of complex systems which are now arising from research in systems disciplines such as Systems Biology, Systems Medicine, Systems Psychology, Systems Economics, Complexity Science and General Systems Research.

It will be a pivotal event in the emerging renaissance of the Systems Sciences, bringing together philosophers, scientists, engineers and practitioners from a wide spectrum of systems disciplines to explore common interests and challenges, learn from each other, align and consolidate progress, and gather inspiration and momentum for future work in the systems sciences.



The ISSS invites proposals for presentation of papers, posters and workshops about the conference theme specifically or in connection with the themes of the ISSS’s Systems Integration Groups (SIGs) and Exploratory Groups.

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