17 October 2019, Brussels. During the third meeting of  The Coordination Group (CG) of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) the CG re-elected the Founder and Director of Circular Change and BCSSS Research Group Leader on Circular Economy Systems, Ladeja Godina Košir as its Chair for 2020.

The BCSSS cordially congratulates Ladeja Godina Košir on this re-election. We are very glad about the pleasant and promising collaboration with Ladeja and look forward to a future we can accompany and support her.

After the election, Ladeja emphasized ECESP’s role as the ’network of networks‘ and connector of different stakeholders, who offers a structure for creating and spreading positive messages for transforming the economy in to a more socially and environmentally sustainable form. She added that: „It was an exciting honour to be able to contribute to systemic change as first chairwoman of this group accelerating the circular transition. I am honoured again to have regained your confidence and hope that in the coming year, we will continue sharing and disseminating knowledge to bring about concrete change.“

The CG alraedy discussed repositioning the structure and objectives of the Platform in view of the new European Parliament and incoming European Commission, as well as linking with other initiatives in the field of biodiversity, industrial policy and climate objectives. The incoming President of the European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, has stressed that the Second Circular Economy Action Plan will be an important part of the so-called „Green New Deal“ and a key driver for achieving a Europe without pollution.


For more information on the meeting, visit the platform’s website: https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/en/coordination-group