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Book Series


Since 2008 the Bertalanffy Center publishes a book series that comprises contributions of renowned scientists from all over the world that follow the leitmotif of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s thinking “Unity through diversity”.

In 2013 the series was merged with the new book series “Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering”, since then it is published under the title “Systems” with College Publications, London, UK. The new series intended to be more inclusive and to foster the dialogue between Systems Science, Systems Thinking and Systems Engineering.

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The editors are:

  • Harold “Bud” Lawson, Professor Emeritus, Telecommunications and Computer Systems, Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden; Fellow of ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), Fellow and Life Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and Fellow of INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering)
  • Jon P. Wade, Distinguished Service Professor, School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey, US
  • Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Associate Professor (tenured), Technology Assessment, Institute for Design and Technology Assessment, Vienna University of Technology; Member, IASCYS (International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences)

The editorial board was extended by scientists from new domains:

  • Johan Bendz, Sweden
  • Timothy L.J. Ferris, Australia
  • Patrik Godfrey, UK
  • John Gotze, Denmark
  • Cecilia Haskins, Norway
  • Anders Jensen-Waud, Australia
  • James Martin, USA
  • David J. Pym, UK
  • Jack Ring, USA
  • Sarah Sheard, USA
  • Hillary Sillitto, UK
  • Janet Singer, USA
  • Dinesh Verma, USA
  • Charles Wasson, USA

Authors retain their copyright.

Aims and Scope

“Unity through diversity” is the title of the 2 volumes Festschrift for General System Theory co-founder Ludwig von Bertalanffy, edited by William Gray and Nicholas D. Rizzo in 1973, published post mortem by Gordon and Breach. Unity-through-diversity is acknowledged to be the leitmotif of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s thinking. It is the proper leitmotif of what Systems Science does – that is, exploring, through a diversity of disciplines, the behaviours and structures that underlie and underpin the unity of real-world systems whatsoever. It is also the leitmotif for the contributions of the BCSSS to the “Systems” series – that is, providing space for different perspectives while sharing a common goal in order to promote:

  • systems sciences, cybernetics and sciences of complexity as the most promising approaches towards global challenges humanity is facing in the new millennium;
  • transdisciplinarity and consilience throughout all scientific disciplines;
  • the development of qualitative as well as quantitative methods, modeling and computer simulation used in natural systems sciences like systems biology, earth systems sciences, systems neuroscience, systems immunology, systems chemistry, physics of complex systems etc.;
  • social-scientific, that is, socio-economic, political, cultural and historical applications of systems theory, including ecological and science-and-technology studies applications, as in the study of economic crises resolution, democracy-building, conflict transformation, provisions for climate change, participatory technology assessment etc.;
  • systems philosophy;
  • the discussion and comparison of different schools of systems thinking which are foundational for systems sciences;
  • attempts to elaborate a metatheoretical framework that provides a united platform for diverse systems disciplines;
  • critical reflections of the development of systems sciences and the systems movement, in particular, with regard to their social impact;
  • revisiting the goals of General System Theory as set by Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Anatol Rapoport, Kenneth Boulding and others;
  • monographs or volumes of collected contributions in systems sciences as well as reprints of seminal works.

Vol.1: Harold “Bud”Lawson 2010. A Journey Through the Systems Landscape

Order at College Publications

Vol.2: Matthew Collinson, Brian Monahan, David Pym 2012. A Discipline of Mathematical Systems Modelling

Order at College Publications

Vol.3: John Gøtze and Anders Jensen-Waud 2013. Beyond Alignment. Applying Systems Thinking in Architecting Enterprises

Vol.4: Parra-Luna F., Kasparova E. 2014. Measuring Organisational Efficiency.


Order at College Publications

Vol.5: Harold “Bud”Lawson 2014. Parcours au Pays des Systèmes

Order at College Publications

Vol.6: Hillary Sillitto 2014. Architecting Systems. Concepts, Principles and Practice

Order at College Publications

Vol.7: Ivar Jacobson and Harold Bud Lawson 2015. Software Engineering in the Systems Context. Addressing Frontiers, Practice and Education

Order at College Publications

Vol.8: Jamie P. Monat and Thomas F. Gannon 2017. Using Systems Thinking to Solve Real-World Problems

Order at College Publications

Vol.9: Ian Abbott-Donnelly and Harold Bud Lawson 2017. Creating, Analysing and Sustaining Smarter Cities

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Until 2013 the series was called “Exploring Unity Through Diversity”. Three volumes were published with Emergent Publications, Goodyear, Arizona, US (formerly ISCE Publishing).

The editor was Wolfgang Hofkirchner, the editorial board comprised 34 renowned scientists:

  • Gabriele Bammer, Australia
  • Yaneer Bar-Yam, USA
  • Gerhard Chroust, Austria
  • Arne Collen, USA (†)
  • John Collier, South Africa
  • Yagmur Denizhan, Turkey
  • Irina Dobronravova, Ukraine
  • Klaus Fuchs-Kittowski, Germany
  • Ramsés Fuenmayor, Venezuela
  • Amanda Gregory, UK
  • Ernesto Grün, Argentina
  • Jifa Gu, China
  • Debora Hammond, USA
  • Enrique Herrscher, Argentina
  • Francis Heylighen, Belgium
  • Cliff Hooker, Australia
  • Magdalena Kalidjieva, Bulgaria
  • Helena Knyazeva, Russia
  • George Lasker, Canada
  • Allenna Leonard, Canada
  • Gary Metcalf, USA
  • Gerald Midgley, UK
  • Gianfranco Minati, Italy
  • Edgar Morin, France
  • Matjaz Mulej, Slovenia
  • Yoshiteru Nakamori, Japan
  • Andreas Pickel, Canada
  • Michel Saint-Germain, Canada
  • Markus Schwaninger, Switzerland
  • Len Troncale, USA
  • Martha Vahl, UK
  • Gertrudis Van de Vijver, Belgium
  • Jennifer M Wilby, UK
  • Rainer E. Zimmermann, Germany

Copies are still available there.

Vol.1: Pouvreau D. 2009. The Dialectical Tragedy of the Concept of Wholeness: Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s Biography Revisited.


Order at ISCE Publishing

Vol.2: Zimmermann R.E. 2010. New Ethics Proved in Geometrical Order .


Order at Emergent Publications

Vol.3: Mulej M. et al. 2013. Dialectical Systems Thinking and the Law of Requisite Holism Concerning Innovation.


Order at Emergent Publications

Translational Systems Sciences

Since 2014 the Springer International Publishing AG publishes the book series “Translational Systems Sciences”. We are glad about our involvement through Wolfgang Hofkirchner, the president of the Bertalanffy Center, he is member of the editorial board.

The book series intends to advance a new frontier in systems sciences by presenting theoretical and conceptual frameworks, as well as theories for design and application, for twenty-first-century socioeconomic systems in a translational and trans-disciplinary context.

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The editors are:

  • Kyoichi Kijima (Daito Bunka University)
  • Hiroshi Deguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

The editorial board comprises 12 renowned scientists:

  • Shingo Takahashi (Waseda University)
  • Hajime Kita (Kyoto University)
  • Toshiyuki Kaneda (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
  • Akira Tokuyasu (Hosei University)

Koichiro Hioki (Tottori University of Environmental Studies)

  • Yuji Aruka (Chuo University)
  • Kenneth Bausch (Institute for 21st Century Agoras)
  • Jim Spohrer (IBM Almaden Research Center)
  • Wolfgang Hofkirchner (Vienna University of Technology)
  • John Pourdehnad (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Mike C. Jackson (University of Hull)
  • Gary S. Metcalf (InterConnections, LLC)

Aims and Scope

The present Translational Systems Sciences book series aims at cultivating a new frontier of systems sciences for contributing to the need for practical applications that benefit people. The concept of translational research originally comes from medical science for enhancing human health and well-being. Translational medical research is often labeled as “Bench to Bedside.” It places emphasis on translating the findings in basic research (at bench) more quickly and efficiently into medical practice (at bedside). At the same time, needs and demands from practice drive the development of new and innovative ideas and concepts. In this tightly coupled process it is essential to remove barriers to multi-disciplinary collaboration.

The present series attempts to bridge and integrate basic research founded in systems concepts, logic, theories and models with systems practices and methodologies, into a process of systems research. Since both bench and bedside involve diverse stakeholder groups, including researchers, practitioners and users, translational systems science works to create common platforms for language to activate the “bench to bedside” cycle.

Vol.1: Metcalf, Gary S. 2014. Social Systems and Design

Vol.2: Kijima, Kyoichi 2015. Service Systems Science

Vol.3: Mangkusubroto, K., Putro, U.S., Novani, S., Kijima, K. 2016. Systems Science for Complex Policy Making. A Study of Indonesia

Vol.4: Nakamaki, H., Hioki, K., Mitsui, I., Takeuchi, Y. 2016. Enterprise as an Instrument of Civilization. An Anthropological Approach to Business Administration

Vol.5: Nakamori, Yoshiteru (Ed.) 2016. Knowledge Sythesis. Western and Eastern Cultural Perspectives

Vol.6: Toivonen, Marja 2016. Service Innovation. Novel Ways of Creating Value in Actor Systems

Vol.7: Atsuji, Shigeo 2016. Unsafety. Disaster Management, Organizational Accidents, and Crisis Sciences for Sustainability

in progress

Vol.9: Kaneda, T., Kanegae, H., Toyoda, Y., Rizzi, P. 2016. Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society

Vol.10: Kaneda, Edson, Mary C., Buckle Henning, Pamela, Sankaran, Shankar 2017. A Guide to Systems Research. Philosophy, Processes and Practice

Vol.13: Rousseau, D., Wilby, J., Billingham, J., Blachfellner, S. 2018. General Systemology.
Transdisciplinarity for Discovery, Insight and Innovation