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The Vivarium. Forerunner of today’s Systems Biology

The Vienna Vivarium accommodated from 1902 the “Biologische Versuchsanstalt”, which in 1914 was incorporated into the Academy of Sciences. It was founded by Hans Przibram and others and one of the most popular scientists was Paul Kammerer whose research can

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“Ich seh’ etwas, was Du nicht siehst!” A radio feature on systems approaches

An almost 25-minutes broadcast on oe1 (Österreichischer Rundfunk Fernsehen) featured different systems approaches. It was produced by Mariann Unterluggauer for the series “Dimensionen – Die Welt der Wissenschaft”. It was on air on 21 February 2013. Now we can present it.

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Bertalanffy on audio: CD of a German radio lecture

In autumn a CD will be released with a radio lecture of Bertalanffy on evolution theory, that he gave in 1954 for the Süddeutscher Rundfunk (today SWR). Further information will be made available by Audio Akademie.

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