These bubbles are the symbol for the EMCSR facilitated by the Bertalanffy Center: a self-organised meeting on sciences and technologies for the self-organisation of our future (photo: Scott Camazine)

The next European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research is scheduled for 22-25 April 2014. As always, it will take place in Vienna, hosted by the University of Vienna.

As in 2012, the unique selling point of the meeting is the self-reflection of the field, that is, the provision of a European hub for the discussion of the foundations of systems disciplines and the societal impact of the systems movement.

This time, however, the focus is on the performance of systems disciplines in the face of global challenges. We want the meeting revolve around systemic contributions to the technological, ecological and social aspects of necessary change.

“Civilisation at the Crossroads – Response and Responsibility of the Systems Sciences” is the common theme.

Systems movement organisations, academics and practitioners are called upon to participate and shape the set of the meeting by suggesting topics they would like to share under the common theme.

The Call for Symposia has been put online.

Find the details of the call here.