Dipl.-Psych. Dr. phil. Dr. rer. pol. Guido Strunk gave a guest lecture on Systemic Psychology at the BCSSS on November 22nd 2018. He gave an insight to the complexity of human behaviour and human interaction.

His book “Systemic Psychology – an Introduction to the Complex Basis of Human Behaviour” (2006) is a systematic and comprehensible introduction to theories of complex systems which can structure and operate themselves through self-organisation. This understanding of self-organising processes does not only provide an exciting theoretical perspective for describing and analysing the complex human behaviour, perceive, and the aspect of thinking and feeling, it also provides methodical approaches for explaining interactional processes between human beings. With the term “systemic” Strunk, therefore, provides a multidisciplinary methodical approach as an alternative to linear approaches, such as mechanical models and cybernetics, and approaches that are limited to one particular school of psychology.

His publication is an introductory book to the processes of human interaction, written for psychotherapists, social scientists, managers, and organisational advisors who seek for a worth knowing key to success in therapy, consultation and management.

The book makes a valuable contribution to a holistic and yet empirical-experimental perspective of psychology.