With their new exhibition, MUELLER-DIVJAK (BCSSS board member Jeanette Müller and BCSSS member Paul Divjak) thematize the role that our species can play in shaping their own destiny. The display includes environmental interventions, sculptures, soundscapes, collages and watercolor paintings, texts, performances and scent installations.

The BCSSS decided to support this endeavour and to collaborate on this exhibition as part of their efforts for improved science communication. The arts can play an important role to make complex relationships and dynamics more accessible by engaging all our senses. For the BCSSS, this is also an important part of enabling the public to experience the cultural heritage of the early 20th century, the trajectory of a worldview and its contemporary relevance.

The exhibition, a parcours of poetry in which art and science meet, is both a mirror to society full of signs, and an utopian scenario of the future. The reflections on perceptions of contexts and systems as well as new assumptions about the human being is decisively inspired by the thinking of the artificial figure BERTA (i.e. Maria Magdalena and Ludwig von Bertalanffy), the creator of General Systems Theory.

The multi-faceted oeuvre of the conceptual art duo reflects the present, presences and possible lives of future generations. It is dealing with the development and experience of being human, and the amazement and love that would potentially still be possible on our common home planet, the Earth, until – in an unimaginable future – the luminosity of the sun will make any life impossible.

“77,000 GENERATIONS” is an invitation to the sensual discovery and development of new spaces of thought and action against the fragmentation of the world as well as a plea for the expansion of time horizons and the possibilities of working together.


Künstlerhaus Bregenz, Palais Thurn & Taxis, Austria

Friday, 17 January 2020,  8pm, Performance: 9pm

18 January to 1 March 2020


For more information please visit www.kuenstlerhaus-bregenz.at

To learn more about the artists visit www.mueller-divjak.art