Dr. Marshall W. Allen generously passed to the BCSSS the entire collection of Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s letters to Joseph Henry Woodger (1894–1981) which he formerly received from Woodger in person for his respective studies. Thus the archive was supplemented by adding 74 letters from Ludwig von Bertalanffy, 7 from Maria von Bertalanffy, 4 from other institutions and 1 publication of Ludwig von Bertalanffy which was unknown so far. The exchange of letters ranges from 1930 to 1959. Woodger not only was a close colleague and friend of L. von Bertalanffy, they were also collaborating on the translation of “Kritsche Theorie der Formbildung” published then as “Modern Theories of Development”. Marshall is actually researching the biography of Woodger, including a chapter on the relationship and influence on each other’s work.