Thanks to the cooperation with the Jiaotong University in Xi’an and a scholarship from the Chinese Research Council the BCSSS welcomed a new Phd student in autumn 2016.
Liang Wang will stay in Vienna for two years. During his research on the notion of “Information” the BCSSS will support him to expand on his knowledge in Systems Theory.

The collaboration between the BCSSS and the ICPI of the Jiaotong University, Xi’an made gratifying progress. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Jiaotong Universitay joined and additionally to the exchanges of students tutors and researchers are invited to visit their partner institution.

Already in April 2017 BCSSS President Wolfgang Hofkirchner visited the Jiaotong University
to lead a workshop on “Unified Theory of Information” and to hold lectures at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences as well as for Phd students in all departments.