The BCSSS Research Group “Emergent Systems, Information and Society” held a meeting to discuss how populism is reinforced, and how it could be fought, by the use of social media.

(Photo: Ralph-Miklas Dobler)

In the aftermath of a meeting at the BCSSS on “Populism in the perspective of information processes” before Easter 2017 and several contributions at a workshop at the IS4SI Summit Gothenburg 2017 in June – all of which focused on the same topic – ten members of the group gathered on September 21 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics), Berlin.

That gathering was initiated by Rainer E. Zimmermann and Frank Fuchs-Kittowski in co-operation with the Institute for Design Science Munich, the BCSSS, and the Leibniz Society Berlin

Please find a short report by Rainer E. Zimmermann here. 

(Photo: José María Díaz Nafría)


(Photo: Ralph-Miklas Dobler)