The aim of the workshop, which established further collaboration among the BCSSS network of experts by the invitation of Felix Tretter, was to find out the limits of truth production by big data regarding health issues. The workshop continued the work that was initiated at a basic workshop in October 2018 which was designed to discover general epistemological issues of big data. Several topics were discussed at the meeting in April 2019:

  1. Big data effects on health, health knowledge and health literacy
  2. Big data in medical science
  3. Quality control
  4. Citizens health “production”

Please read the report on the second workshop in the series Big Data and Human Digitalization with a summary of all contributions from our distinguished colleagues and guests, Alfred Uhl, Guido Strunk, Gerd Gigerenzer, Roland Scholz, Daniel Dick, Dieter Korczak, Gerhard Kranner, and Klaus Piwernetz.