The newly established BCSSS Research Group Systems Science and Pattern Literacy
asks for your Expertise. Maria Lenzi & Helene Finidori, the Research Group Leaders, are ready to start their first project, “Mapping Patterns Landscape“.

To ensure the completion of the intended “Patterns Landscape” by all domain specific approaches, we invite you as a domain expert to provide your insights by answering the questions of their explorative survey on your approach to different aspects of understanding and referring to patterns.

Through your contribution the group will be able to create a shared knowledge base on the ways patterns are understood, approached, represented and applied in and in-between domains.

Please take the survey here!

This will take approximately 30 minutes, the data is collected anonymously, but you will be invited to share your name and details if you agree to be contacted for further discussions, and to be kept informed of the research results. Please diffuse this email and survey link widely to people and communities that you think have insights to share. We are looking forward to your active involvement!

You will be embarking with us on a short discovery journey where we hope you may also learn, while we learn from you. The mission of the Research Group “Systems Science and Pattern Literacy” is the development of Systems to promote Pattern Literacy. We understand Pattern Literacy as one of the New Literacies, like System Literacy, Computational Literacy, Visual Literacy, Coding Literacy, to cope with real life complex challenges.

Do not hesitate to contact the research group for any question or comment via

Thanks for your time and attention!