We are pleased to announce the online publication of Volume 13 of the Springer Book Series „Translational Systems Sciences“ by a team of authors of the BCSSS Research Group  Systems Science and Philosophy.

Update September 2018: with now more than 600 downloads!


Under the title „General Systemology – Transdisciplinarity for Discovery, Insight and Innovation“ David Rousseau, Jennifer Wilby, Julie Billingham and Stefan Blachfellner expand the foundations of general systems theory to enable progress beyond the rich heuristic practices available today. The book establishes a foundational framework for the development of scientific transdisciplinary systems principles and shows how these can amplify the potential of individuals and teams working in multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary contexts or striving to translate their progress across disciplinary boundaries.

We are very glad about the online release and looking forward to the publication of the print version right on time for the 62nd Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences ISSS2018.

Especially David Rousseau, current ISSS President and BCSSS Scientific Council member, is proud to present the new book during this year’s conference.

„Innovation and Optimization in Nature and Design“

22-27 July, 2018
College of Engineering, Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon, USA


Additionally we take particular pleasure in the foreword by the Editor-in-chief of the Translational Systems Sciences series Prof. Dr. Kyoichi Jim Kijima, Emeritus at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, President of the International Society for the Systems Sciences 2006 and President of the Japan Society for Management Information since 2015.

„I am excited that this insightful and challenging research is now published as a volume of the Translational Systems Science Book Series. Over the past several years I have had a number of opportunities to learn about the progress of this ambitious research towards establising General Systemology, led by the team of authors. (…)

Via this book the team of authors amply demonstrates both the necessity and the value of multidisciplinary collaboration, bringing together as they do expertise in science, mathematics, operational research, enterprise architecture, engineering, philosophy, management science, design science, and several systems sciences. Their collaboration has delivered breakthrough advances for the systems sciences, and opened up the way for a foundational scientific general systems theory to achieve the potential foreseen by the founders of the general systems movement.“