Symmetry Festival 2016

Arts & Science Programs. General Relativity 100!

18th – 22nd July 2016

The Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science is pleased to be this year’s cooperation partner of the World’s largest multidisciplinary Conference & Art Festival in Symmetry Studies organized by the Symmetrion, under the auspices of the International Symmetry Association and hosted by the Vienna University of Technology.

Symmetry Festival is a science and art program series with the intention to bring together scientists, artists, educators and practitioners that are interested in symmetry or in the consequences of its absence. It is designed as an organic combination of a multidisciplinary scientific program in the fields science, art, technology, biology, physics, medicine and various cultural events.

2016 Symmetry Festival celebrates the 100th anniversary of AlbertEinstein‬’s ‪Theory of General Relativity‬!

Get an impression of this year’s featured programs and have a look to the opening ceremony with welcome words by Peter Weibel.

1. Centenary of the General Theory of Relativity
2. Invariances in Non-Euclidean Geometries Applied to Physics and Reflected in the Arts
3. Genetic and Other Biological Symmetries in Music
4. Symmetry and Information in Biological Systems, including Studies on the Genetic Code
5. Symmetry and Asymmetry Phenomena in Chemical, Green, and Related Sciences

For further information please visit the Festival website: