****UPDATE 3: You can download the documentation of the online conference here.


***UPDATE 2: We have established the opportunity of an online meeting and thanks to the readiness of our experts will hold the meeting online on March 19, 9am to 12:30pm. If you want to join please visit https://zoom.us/j/213680378. The program is shortended in time and will be held in German only. We will record the meeting and will publish its content later on our website and further channels.


**UPDATE: As of March 11, this event is CANCLED AS AN ON-SITE EVENT event in Vienna. Due to the current development of the COVID-19 epidemic, the BCSSS is following Austrian universities and public policy decisions in this regard. If you had already purchased tickets for this event, please check your inbox for an e-mail by us and by Eventbrite, confirming the re-imbursement of your costs.

We are working on a solution to hold the event as a series of ONLINE LECTURES. Please sign up for our newsletter  or follow our social media channels to receive the latest information on the situation as well as upcoming lectures and offers by BCSSS.

Stay informed and stay safe.


The Bertalanffy Center has again teamed up with major Viennese universities and the City of Vienna for a very special event on one of the most defining challenges for our time and the future of our civilization.

At the Bertalanffy Lecture and conference ‘Homo digitalis’ from 18 to 19 March 2020, BCSSS Vice President Felix Tretter and his group on Human Digitalization reflect critically not only on the trends and threats associated with digitalization, AI and machine learning, but the very nature of humanity and our societal perception of it. Join us as renowned scholars in central Europe discuss topics like “Artificial Intelligence – When do machines take over?” or projects such as the “Vienna Manifesto on Digital Humanism”. Register here for the conference.

Homo Digitalis is preceeded by an event of one of our BCSSS friends, the PrimeMovers. As part of the pre-program for ONE DAY: The Conference, the organization hosts an evening meetup on 4 March 2020 The Dark Future of AI, Medicine and Media, with special focus on gender inequality. This meetup will be held in English language.

The Homo Digitalis lecture and conference will be held in German language. We invite our English speaking followers to read our project reports and to approach us if you’d like to join the conversation at the Human Digitalization Research Group.