25 – 28 January 2020
Torrance, California, USA

Annual INCOSE International Workshop 2020

As part as the International Council on Systems Engineering Systems Science Working Group (SSWG) Helene Finidori, Leader of the BCSSS Research Group Systems Science and Pattern Literacy, attended IW2020 and gave a talk on her work including results of the BCSSS Research Group.

In her presentation ‘Pattern Literacy in Support of Systems Capability’ Finidori addressed the INCOSE Systems Engineers participating in the Systems Science discussions with a detailed introduction on Pattern Literacy in terms of an elaboration of the relationship of Biosemiotics, Patterns and Systems Science. She argues for the development of a Pattern Literacy in support of Systems Literacy especially for the advancement of transdisciplinary research and engineering, to overcome fragmentation into domain specific frameworks, using patterns as boundary objects. Finidori makes a strong case for a Systemic Interpretation Language bridging the systemic and the semantic spheres.

Finidori´s contribution to the INCOSE Vision 2025/2035 “to find an Integrative Systems Science to identify, explore, and understand patterns of complexity through contributions from the foundations, theories, and representations of systems science and other disciplines relevant to the “problematique” was yet another well received collaboration alongside the work of David Rosseau and the BCSSS Research Group Systems Science and Philosophy Springer Publication General Systemology.

Presentation: Helene Finidor (2020) Pattern Literacy in Support of Systems Capability, INCOSE IW 2020, Torrance, California, USA

Paper: Helene Finidori (2020). Bridging the Systemic and the Semantic Spheres